21 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In


With the winter storm that’s hit Northeastern United States, many schools and workplaces are closed. In central Pennsylvania, we have about 16 inches and counting. Many people aren’t leaving their homes (me!) or are physically unable to leave due to the amounts of snow (and lack of plowing, thanks PennDot). I’ve been snowed in many, many times so I thought I would make a handy dandy list of things you could do while you’re cooped up in your house.

  1. Have a movie marathon. Sit down on your couch with some blankets and hot chocolate and put in some of your favorite movies to pass the time.
  2. Binge watch Netflix. Do the same thing but watch TV shows.
  3. Bake and/or cook. My mom and sister made cookies to decorate and she’s also making soup in the slow cooker.
  4. Play a card or board game. Monopoly, Sorry, Scene It, Clue, Pictureka, Poker, Rummy, or Yuker are fun ways to pass the time and a great way to do some family bonding.
  5. Do a puzzle. We have a bunch of random puzzles in our house so my mom will occasionally break one out on a snowy day.
  6. Eat ice cream. I’m one of those people who will always order an iced coffee even if it’s snowing, so eating ice cream (or anything really) sounds pretty good to me. If your power goes out, chances are it’ll melt so might as well.
  7. Shovel. It may not sound appealing, but the more you shovel, the less snow there will be to pile up, making it hard to shovel later.
  8. Try to catch up in work or school. If you can get ahead, go for it!
  9. Clean your house. Also may not be so appealing, but if you want to feel productive, well here you go.
  10. Play with your pets. You’re finally home all day with them! Yay! Now pet them and make sure they feel loved.
  11. Listen to music. Jam out to your radio or favorite playlist.
  12. Talk with your family/roommates. Good conversation can make the time go by so fast.
  13. Blog, vlog, or plan. Write out some posts, take a video, or plan them out for the rest of the week.
  14. Online shop. I always look at Sephora and Victoria’s Secret when I’m bored or look for stuff you actually need (unlike me, oops).
  15. Read a book. Start that book that’s collecting dust on your shelf or reread an old favorite.
  16. Paint your nails. A good way to boost confidence and pass the time.
  17. Experiment with a new makeup look. You most likely will not have any surprise visitors, so being snowed in would be a great environment to test some out with out interruptions or the possibility of embarrassment.
  18. Color, draw, or paint. Art is fun and you don’t even have to be good at it. Whatever happens in the snow-in, stays in the snow-in.
  19. Swatch your makeup. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I forget how colors look on me so this would be a great time to do a refresher.
  20. Play in the snow. Channel your inner Anna and build a snowman, sled down a nearby hill, or have an intense snowball fight.
  21. Make a blanket fort. No one is ever too old for a blanket fort, so grab your stash, some pillows, and use your imagination!

Have fun and be safe (especially if you have to drive)!

xx, Hannah

PS: Here’s my snowy dog pouting because he can’t play with his tennis ball.


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