Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – 6.13

I was able to actually watch it when it aired this week, so I need to discuss. Are there any Oncers out there, because, girl (or guy), I need some discussion.

Spoilers through Ill-Boding Patterns (season 6, episode 13)!

We found out last episode that it was actually Captain Hook who killed David’s father, and it’s clearly taken a toll on him. Obviously it’s wrong to kill someone, but I feel bad for Hook. He’s grown so much as a character and the fact that he actually wants to tell Emma his deepest, darkest secret just shows how much he’s evolved and how much he values his relationship with her.

Gideon & Rumple in a deep discussion

Rumpelstiltskin is at it again, only with his demented son (understandably so). Neither of them trust each other, and I don’t blame them either. This story line kind of bores me to be honest, since we all know that Gideon won’t actually kill Emma and if he does, there is always a loophole on this show (side-eyes Hook). I do want Belle’s outfits, though.

She said “YES!”

Okay, I didn’t like the fact that Emma found the ring, but EMMA AND HOOK ARE ENGAGED!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! They are my favorite couple on the show and I just want them both to stay alive and happy. Is that so much to ask? Apparently, since it looks like Emma finds out Hook’s secret next episode. But I hope he gets to propose again due to her being mad and make it all cute and romantic.

I just hate the fact that they killed Robin Hood in the first place. I love Regina, despite her many flaws, and CAN SHE JUST BE HAPPY?! Good Lord, this is ridiculous. We have a fake Robin who wants absolutely nothing to do with her and is going to ZELENA of all people! Ugh! I’m hoping that Robin and Regina will kiss again, in a real moment and maybe it’ll bring back the original Robin. I’m also kind of delusional, but a girl can dream. This is the land of fairytales, after all.

Confused Robin & the Evil Queen

I laughed during the last scene with Robin and the Evil Queen because he was so confused. Anyway, I really want her to go away. Her storyline is also getting on my nerves because it’s been going on since the end of season 5. It’s episode 13. Let’s get a move on here. However, I am looking forward to Regina vs. Evil Queen. I hope Regina just learns to accept this side of her since it’s never that easy to just move on from your past.

Until next Sunday!

xx, Hannah

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