Sunday Night TV: The Walking Dead – 7.14

I told myself that I wasn’t going to start watching this show again, but I caved and here we are. Let me know in the comments if you’re still watching!

Spoilers through The Other Side (season 7, episode 14)!

First off, I really hate Gregory. Every time he’s on screen I automatically narrow my eyes and glare as if he could feel my stare of wrath through the TV screen. You do not threaten Jesus you little passive aggressive coward. I didn’t like the Saviors’ surprise visit either, especially with Simon. I hate him too.

The Coward and the Surprise Visit


Daryl and Maggie made me cry. I’m not even going to try to hide it. Daryl is my one of my favorite characters and whenever he cries, you can probably bet money on the fact that I’ll cry, too. I loved this moment because you could tell Glenn’s death has been eating away at the both of them. Daryl apologizing since everything that happens to a group member, especially like Glenn, he takes so to heart. Maggie is hurting, too, and I’m glad they both found comfort in that one small moment. I miss Glenn, too.

Daryl & Maggie

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rosita and Sasha, but I think this plan is incredibly stupid. I understand why they want to kill Negan, because I want him dead, too, but I don’t want them going on a suicide mission. On their way to the compound, I really hated their interaction, especially Rosita’s (understandable) attitude. It got so much better when they were sitting in the tower and talking about Abraham. I hate to admit that my eyes got really watery when Rosita said that she never got a chance to tell Abraham that she was happy that he was happy. And when Sasha said that she was happy, I was like goddammit, a show about zombies should not make me cry this much. But I hope Sasha either dies or gets Negan because I don’t want to see her tortured. I kind of want to see Rosita stick around and have one of those badass moments where she’ll come in shooting and save someone (or a group).

Can you feel all the sass in this picture because I can

And also, wtf Eugene? I think the only way he wouldn’t go with them is that he has some sort of endgame with Negan and wants to carry it out. The way he denied Negan’s wives the pills just showed that he is getting comfortable there. They need him and he’s slowly morphing into a badass, which I’m soooo here for.

As for the next two episodes, I really hope no one else major dies because I cannot take anymore deaths this season, thank you. I hope Carol shows up too and reunites with the group.

We’re nearing the end, I hope it’s good!

xx, Hannah

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