Sunday Night TV: The Walking Dead – 7.15

Sup, walker-lovers? This is later than I originally wanted to post this, but life (and shitty immune systems) happen.

If you missed last week’s post on The Other Side (episode 14), click here.

Spoilers through Something They Need (episode 15)!

This was a setup episode if I ever saw one. Silly me thought something might actually happen, but silly me thought wrong. I just hope this finale is really good.

I question Rick and the rest of gang’s choice to steal the guns from the Oceanside group. I understand the desperate need for them, but Rick normally takes a diplomatic approach rather than scaring the shit out of everyone. I just hope they put them to good use.

I had a feeling Sasha was going to be imprisoned. David made me really uncomfortable but I’m glad Negan stabbed him before he could take it any further. I really hate how people were praising him though. Yeah he killed a rapist, but he’s a hypocrite by having four wives that aren’t exactly consenting either. Negan is still a horrible person, with or without a hypocritical no-rape policy.

Sasha begging Eugene to help her end her life took my heart and crushed it into tiny little pieces. I hope she sticks it out longer so that way she can fight with the group. I do see how her character might’ve run her course, but I’m hoping that she hasn’t.

On a lighter note, I was glad to see Eric and Aaron back on the screen together. We must protect them at all costs. Also, Daryl having to be held back from strangling Dwight was great. I hope they make him a double agent.

Carol better be back in all her badass glory next episode or I will personally call Scott Gimple and give him a piece of my mind.

That’s all for now. Until the finale!

xx, Hannah

Featured image is not mine.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night TV: The Walking Dead – 7.15

  1. Hannah, I too was really upset about Sasha. I’m not sure she wants to commit suicide, though. I think she wanted a weapon to use against Negan. When Eugene showed up with a pill, that squashed her plans. That’s my take anyhow. Keep up the commentary. I love it!

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    1. Wow, I didn’t even think of that. I hope I’m wrong because I don’t want her to die anytime soon. Thank you for reading my commentary, it means a lot! 😘


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