Meet My Dog

I thought I’d talk about my dog a little, since he just turned 7 yesterday!

Meet Toffee.

I may or may not have food in my hand.

He’s a border collie, cattle dog, sheltie mix.

Before we adopted him, he had a bit of a rocky start. In fact, his name was Jersey and he lived with another couple on a farm.

One day, he was tied out back and somehow wrapped his leg up in the leash. He dislocated his hip, so his owners at the time brought him to the animal hospital where my dad worked as a veternarian.

My dad explained how he needed surgery to repair his hip, but the couple refused to pay. “We could buy five better dogs for the price of that surgery,” they said. My dad negotiated with his boss to bring the cost down, and even got permission to do it pro bono. “He’ll never be the same, just put him down,” the couple said about the 7-month-old puppy in otherwise good health. My dad, flabbergasted that people like this would ever adopt a dog in the first place, convinced them to surrender him to the hospital to find a new owner.

The surgery went well and my dad tried to find an owner. In the meantime, he bonded with him, and made the huge mistake of bringing in his 10-year-old daughter (me) in to meet the cute little puppy. It was a done deal after that.

The day I met Toffee, in all of his Cone of Shame glory.

We settled on a new name because, I quote my mom, “I will not have a dog named Jersey in my house.”

Nowadays, you can find him chasing furiously after his tennis ball, lounging on our new furniture and various blankets, and playing in the snow.

He enjoys eating bananas and scrambled eggs, but any food you have will do.

Yes, he has a banana sticker on his head. No, I don’t know why my dad put it there.

He’s about the about the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He even lets us dress him up for Halloween!

We couldn’t find a coconut bra.

He will even stay in our yard with no fence and resist running after dogs walking by. However, he’ll bark at and chase the snowplow like there’s no tomorrow (he got buried once).

It was a bit cold.

Toffee is a great listener and companion who I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I mean, just look at those ears.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

xx, Hannah

Excuse some of the picture quality, I was not the best photographer at 10.

23 thoughts on “Meet My Dog

  1. I’m sorry but I cannot believe that couple who had him before you?! Makes me so angry but I couldn’t be happier Toffee has a family like you! Seems like the sweetest cutest dog in the world hehe!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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