Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – 6.15

Hello all! The weekend went too fast and although I love my Sunday night TV, I was wishing I had more time off. Anyway…

If you missed last week’s post on Page 23 (episode 14), click here!

Spoilers through A Wondrous Place (episode 15)!

Okay, my problem with this episode is that I don’t think Emma would’ve given up on Hook so quickly. They’ve known each other for a long time, so wouldn’t she know that the last thing he would do would be to leave her during a rough time? Come on. He stuck with her through Neverland when Henry was kidnapped, when she was learning about her Savior role/her magical capabilities, and when she became the Dark One. Why was this any different? I know Hook didn’t go to her with his secret, but damn, it was a tough call. Her moving on so quickly makes me almost think that she’s not as dependable as we want her to be.

All things aside, I still go down with this ship.

On a lighter note, Drunk Snow is my favorite Snow. That scene was some much-needed comic relief and I wished they showed more. Can we just have a whole episode of Drunk Snow??? Please and thank you.

Ariel and Jasmine scenes were awesome, despite the horrible CGI (it’s a popular show, you’d think they’d have a better budget). I love the scenes whenever the princesses ban together. #GirlPower

I freakin’ love Aladdin and Jasmine. Their story is eh but I love them together (I’m probably hella biased but whatever). I glad they got Agrabah restored but HOOK WAS SO CLOSE TO GETTING BACK!!! They could’ve waited to suck face until Hook was back in Storybrooke with his true love. I know he’ll fight like hell to get back, but SO. FREAKING. CLOSE. It was like that Geico ad where the fisherman dude was like dangling the dollar bill off his line in front of the girl and said, “Almost had it! Gotta be quicker than that!” But the dollar bill was Aladdin’s Genie magic and the girl was Hook and UGH. I’m bitter.

Anyway, I’m so glad Ariel had that shell, because I was so afraid this no-contact-between-Hook-and-Emma thing was going to last at least half the season. But it didn’t and for that I am grateful. Not gonna lie, during that conversation (one-sided conversation thanks to Gideon) I got a little teary. Will Hook ever stop being my favorite character? Not a chance.

So do I think Emma’s going to kill the Black Fairy? I sure hope so because I’m sick of looking at Gideon’s smug little face. It shall be interesting to say the least.

Until next week!

xx, Hannah

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