Sunday Night TV: The Walking Dead – Season 7 Finale

Oh my god. I can probably just leave it at that, but I’m not going to.

If you missed last week’s commentary on Something They Need (episode 15), click here.

Spoilers through The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (episode 16)!

Where do I begin? Oh man. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but damn the writing is so shitty sometimes. This episode was no exception.

Daryl should’ve killed Dwight first of all. I was cheering with Tara. I don’t think the group would’ve kept him alive in a real-life non-TV situation. There was no way he would be a good double agent anyway: He’s not trustworthy. And I was right, because he went crawling back to Negan. Coward.

Eugene, however, is either a damn good actor or he’s really morphing into the Saviors. I think he has a lot of potential to grow as a character and do something fucking amazing next season, if the writers don’t botch that (queue Beth, Carol’s breakdown, Denise, Abraham, Glenn). Please let it be good. But if he’s really in bed with the Saviors, good riddance.

Okay, and whose idea was it to trust Lord Farquaad lady and the rest of the trash dwellers?? Like, anyone who willingly lives in a landfill has got to be bad news (and pungent). And the bitch had the nerve to ask to sleep with Rick! In front of Michonne!! And then betrayed him!!! And SHOT him!!!! Excuse you!!!!!

Ugh Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan really does a good job because I really hate him. He steals the show but absolutely loathe him. I think the only reason this episode was extended was for Negan’s fucking long-ass monologues. If the dude would’ve just gotten to the point, the episode would’ve been like 20 minutes (just like the last season finale).

My poor Sasha. I had a feeling she’d be dead by the end of the season. It broke my heart to see her go, but boy was I grateful when she attacked Negan. It interrupted his speech, the Alexandrians got some shots off (you go Carl, four for you), and she chewed off that Savior’s face. I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for a walker more than in that moment. Her flashbacks with Abraham broke my heart, especially since she was trying to convince him to stay in Alexandria. At least they’re together now.

And Michonne. I think she could’ve taken blonde trash lady. She’s a really good fighter (the Governor, anyone?) and I’m pretty confident that the trash lady wouldn’t have been able to bang her head on the ground and hang her over the balcony. *Narrows eyes* Really??? This is not the bad-ass we know. She should’ve had her Katana and that fight would’ve last like 10 seconds instead of half the episode.

But Rick’s face when he heard her scream was heartbreaking. Andrew Lincoln did an amazingggg job this episode. When he threatened Negan again, I was like ooohhhh shit it’s about to go down. You could tell Negan was taken aback and almost threatened right there, but of course played it off. I can’t wait until his death episode, because it’s going to be epic.

I didn’t think Negan was actually going to kill Carl (Chandler’s contract isn’t up yet lol), but SHIVA IS MY FAVORITE! She must make it through the whole series. If she dies, I’m hitting the streets. I also loved how King Ezekiel was in character the whole time during the battle. “ALEXANDRIA WILL NOT FALL TODAY!” You bet your ass it won’t, you got a mothafukin tiger, Daryl, and a vengeful pregnant lady. And CAROL, my queen, is BACK BITCHES! I wanted her to reunite with Daryl again, but I guess I can wait until October. *crosses arms* *huffs*

I also love how all the communities were banned together and fighting. They are definitely going to need wayyyyy more help to beat the Saviors because I feel like every time they kill one, three more spawn. What happened to that rocket launcher?

So in all, this was a huge setup episode for season 8. From the looks of how the story is going, it should be good. I’m not a comic book reader so I don’t know what’s going to happen and I can’t wait.

Sorry this was super long and rant-y, but until next season!

xx, Hannah

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