Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – 6.16

Hello! I’m posting this super late, but I’ve been busy with my new job and school, so bear with me.

If you missed last week’s post on A Wondrous Place (episode 15), click here.

Spoilers through Mother’s Little Helper (episode 16)!

Okay, obviously we weren’t going to sum up this Black Fairy/Gideon business in this one episode. C’mon Emma, you should’ve learned that it at least takes a half season for any problem to be solved by now.

I didn’t realize until after I finished the episode that the Black Fairy was Lila from Dexter, so every time she was on screen I was intensely staring at her face because she looked so familiar.

Gideon’s backstory was tragic but predictable. Although he annoys me, he seemed like a decent human being so it was only plausible that he had some other ulterior motive to try to kill Emma (which was the fact that the Black Fairy has his heart). I had a feeling that he was going to double-cross Emma, because he can’t all of a sudden be on the heroes’ side. Logically, he’s going to try to kill her at least once per episode until the finale since it’s basically the same plot that the writers keep recycling with new characters.

On another note, Captain Hook had some illegal levels of hotness going on in that episode. That jacket, tricking Blackbeard, smirking, desperately trying to get back to Emma, shuffling those cards with one hand… Oh, I need to sit down and take it all in. Did I mention he’s my favorite character?

I would so watch the shit out of a spin-off Captain Hook/Blackbeard show. That would be fantastic (anyone want to make this happen?).

And can everyone please calm down about the book ending? Did we forget about that library full of blank books from season 4? Huh? This particular story is coming to an end but we still have a season 7. Let’s keep it together, people.

I don’t know what’s going on with Henry, but we know that they’ll find some way to pass on the author’s job or control it.  The nickname for this show is Once Upon a Loophole, after all (or at least mine is).

There’s only six more episodes, including the two-parter finale! Until then!

xx, Hannah

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