13 Reasons Why: The Reasons

This is the post for those who are getting bored and want to know who the people are and/or just couldn’t finish the series. I have the names of everyone who was one Hannah’s tapes, in order, along with their reasons.


Trigger warnings: Rape, sexual assault, drunk driving, violence, bullying, and suicide

Tape One: Justin Foley

Justin Foley, portrayed by Brandon Flynn

Justin goes out with Hannah and they end up at a playground. He takes her picture as she goes down the slide with a skirt on, getting a clear shot of her underwear. Justin shows his friends the picture, and Bryce sends it around the school with the rumor that they got to third base. All they actually did was kiss. Hannah is branded as a slut and easy by the jocks.

Tape Two: Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis, as portrayed by Alisha Boe

Jessica is Hannah’s first friend at her new school, along with another new guy named Alex. As time passes, they all start to drift apart. Jessica and Alex start to date, keeping it from Hannah. The final straw is when Jessica accuses Hannah of having to do with Jessica and Alex’s breakup from some sort of note/list. To rub salt in the wound, Jessica slaps Hannah across the face in the middle of the coffee shop Monet’s.

Tape Three: Alex Standall

Alex Standall, as portrayed by Miles Heizer

Alex is pressured by his new friends, the jocks, to add to a Best/Worst list. He puts Hannah as “Best Ass” and Jessica as “Worst Ass” ultimately leading up to his breakup with Jessica. Light is now shed on why Jessica blamed Hannah and slapped her, since she thought Hannah had something to do with writing the list. Hannah did not. This list is passed around, adding to the rumors that Hannah is easy and leading to some unwanted sexual attention/touching by the guys at school.

Tape Four: Tyler Down

Tyler Down, as portrayed by Devin Druid

Tyler would stalk Hannah and take pictures of her in her bedroom. In an effort to catch him in the act, Hannah and her new friend Courtney decide to drink and play truth or dare. Courtney dares Hannah to kiss her, so they make out until they hear the flash of his camera. Tyler uses the picture to blackmail Hannah into going out with him. When she refuses him, he sends the blurry picture out to the school. Hannah and Courtney’s friendship simmers out as a result.

Tape Five: Courtney Crimsen

Courtney Crimsen, as portrayed by Michele Selene Ang

Courtney starts to get attention from people who figure out it’s actually her and Hannah in the picture. Trying to get them off her back, she starts another rumor that the girl Hannah was kissing was her girlfriend, Laura, and asked Courtney to have a threesome. Courtney also adds to the original rumor with Justin where she claimed Hannah actually went down on him and he fingered her.

Tape Six: Marcus Cole

Marcus Cole, as portrayed by Steven Silver

Marcus asks Hannah out on a date. He is purposefully late because, according to his friends, if she’s still there after an hour, she’s DTF. He gropes her and tries to feel her up at the diner. Hannah has to push him off the booth to get him to stop. He angrily yells that he thought she was easy, implying that’s the only reason he asked her out in the first place.

Tape Seven: Zach Dempsey

Zach Dempsey, as portrayed by Ross Butler

In an attempt to clean up Marcus’s mess, he asks Hannah out. They have very quiet date at the same diner. Hannah is rude, despite him just trying to be nice to her. To retaliate, he takes her compliments out of her bag in one of her classes. She pours her heart out into a letter saying how much those compliments mean to her and the fact he’s taking them really upsets her. According to Hannah, he crumples up the letter and throws it on the ground. We learn later that he actually kept the letter she wrote him when Clay confronts him about it.

Tape Eight: Ryan Shaver

Ryan Shaver, as portrayed by Tommy Dorfman

Hannah joins a poetry group as a creative outlet for her feelings. She befriends Ryan, who is also a member of the group. After writing some poetry, she musters up the courage to share one of her poems. Ryan takes this poem from her notebook, photocopies it, and publishes it anonymously in his magazine. No one knows it’s hers, but people make fun of it, including the jocks.

Tape Nine: Justin Foley

Justin Foley, portrayed by Brandon Flynn

At Jessica’s start of the year party, Hannah ends up in her bedroom for a reason that’s not revealed to the viewers yet. She hears Jessica and Justin (now dating) come in and start making out on the bed. Jessica passes out from having too much to drink, so Justin leaves her in there. He stands outside of her door, leading Bryce to ask him what he’s up to. Bryce wants to “have a little fun” with Jessica, but Justin says that she’s passed out. Bryce then asserts to Justin that “what your’s is mine” and goes into Jessica’s room. Hannah witnesses Bryce rape the very unconscious Jessica, as Justin stands by and lets him do it.

Tape Ten: Sheri

Sheri, as portrayed by Ajiona Alexus

Sheri offers Hannah a ride home from that same party. She hits a stop sign on the way home, knocking it over, but doesn’t want to call the police since both of them had been drinking. Hannah demands to call the police, but Sheri leaves her at the site of the accident. Hannah runs to the nearest gas station to borrow a phone to call the police. When she finally does, they operator says that they’ve already gotten the call about the accident. Little did Hannah know, Jeff Davis and an older man got into a car accident due to the knocked over stop sign. Jeff was killed and was accused of drunk driving, but hadn’t had a single alcoholic drink all night.

Tape Eleven: Clay Jensen

Clay Jenson, as portrayed by Dylan Minnette

Clay and Hannah connected at this party before shit hit the fan. They talked, then ended up making out. They almost started to have sex in Jessica’s room, but Hannah stopped it because of all of her bad memories. She started crying and when Clay tried to comfort her, she told him to leave. He tried to stay to talk to her, but Hannah kept yelling at him to leave. In her tape voiceover, she said that she actually wanted him to stay, but he did exactly what she told him to do and left the room. Even Hannah said Clay didn’t deserve to be on the tapes, but he was a crucial part to her story. If Clay would’ve stayed, according to Hannah, Bryce never would’ve been able to rape Jessica.

Tape Twelve: Bryce Walker

Bryce Walker, as portrayed by Justin Prentice

Hannah is unhappy and goes on a walk at night. She finds herself at Bryce’s house where there’s a party going on. The people are happy to see her and she joins them in the hot tub. One by one, people start to leave to hot tub until it’s just her. Bryce comes over to her and proceeds to rape her, claiming that they are “just having fun”. Violated and ashamed, Hannah gets the idea to make the tapes.

Tape Thirteen: Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter, as portrayed by Derek Luke

As a last ditch effort to save her life, Hannah goes to see the guidance counselor, Mr. Porter. She tries her best to tell him how she’s feeling and about her rape. He tells her that if she doesn’t want to do anything legal about it, then to just find a way to move on. He doesn’t offer her any help to do this. She never clearly states that she’s thinking about committing suicide, but more hints subtly at the idea. This is the turning point where she decides to finish the tapes and commit suicide.

This is where the tapes end. Present-day Clay decides to give them to Mr. Porter in one of the last scenes of the season finale.

So there you have it, the 13 reasons. I hope none of you go through what Hannah Baker did.

xx, Hannah


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