Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – 6.17

Hello! I hope you all had a fun Easter and ate lots of chocolate (I ate more than I’d like to admit, whoops). I assumed there wasn’t an episode this week, but I was flipping through the channels at exactly 8 o’clock and saw that Once was on!

If you missed last week’s episode post on Mother’s Little Helper (episode 16), click here.

Spoilers for Awake (episode 17)!

I had no expectations for this episode since I expected it to be another filler/set up episode but OMG IT WAS SO GOOD!!!


First, can we talk about that plot twist?? Snow and Charming were AWAKE during the curse and could’ve grown up with Emma, but didn’t! WHAT??!!! And why did we never hear about this flower before? There have been so many villains in Storybrooke over the years, you’d think we would have seen it. But that’s besides the point. The fact that they waited was something I was not expecting AT ALL. I can see why they did it, because they are the Saint Snow White and David.

4663dcc3-f0cc-490d-886e-b1ffb80cb184I’m so glad Hook is back! I thought they were going to drag that out for the rest of the season. And the fact that Snow let Emma use the flower melted my heart. Now let’s keep Emma and Hook within 10 feet of each other at all times because they must stay together, in the same realm and stage of life AT ALL TIMES FROM NOW ON. Writers, take note. And Captain Swan is engaged again! I was hoping for an all-out proposal, but simple yet super cute and romantic proposal was adorable! I swoon!! They are so good together, let’s keep them that way.theyre-awake-once-upon-a-time-s6e17

But didn’t Hook know that Snow and David were under the sleeping curse before he was banished? I could’ve sworn he did, but so many things happen on this show.

Speaking of that, I’m glad they broke it. It’s been dragged out for so long. But now I feel like one person could put the whole town to sleep now (Black Fairy, anyone?). Regina was right – it was certainly risky. But Zelena finally got some screen time! I love watching her. Bex does a great job.tiger-lily-850x560

I wonder what that what part that wand will have in the final battle. Why was it so  important that Tiger Lily give it to Emma?

And what about the final battle? Will there be darkness left? Is it actually light vs. dark or will it be dark vs. darker? I think a good plot twist for the final battle would be the Black Fairy vs. the Dark One (Rumple). Whatever it is, I hope it’s not boring and actually relevant.

Until next week!

xx, Hannah

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