Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – 6.19

If you missed last week’s unusually short commentary on Where Bluebirds Fly (episode 18), click here.

Spoilers through The Black Fairy (episode 19)!

I know the point of this episode was to establish sympathy for the villain, but I wasn’t swayed. Honestly, I thought this “twist” was poor writing. You don’t all of a sudden become the greatest evil to ever evil trying to protect your son from the greatest evil to ever evil. And why didn’t she find a loophole to get away from her realm if she was so powerful? Why are we just hearing about the Black Fairy and the fact that she’s Rumple’s mother now? How she did she know he was still ALIVE??? I’m sure your hear things, but still, it’s been many centuries. Also, someone trying to win back/protect their son would not enslave his grandson and take his heart to make him bend at her will. Nope, not buying it.

I’m not buying that Rumple was originally a savior, either. Where was the thought behind that? I missed when there was just the one and not this “all saviors die” bullshit (are we forgetting about all those empty storybooks in the author’s mansion?? it cannot come to an end yet!) Is that hard to come up with an original storyline that actually makes sense??? Apparently. You know what would’ve been a good twist? The Blue Fairy being the mother of all evil. Like, think about it. Awesomeness. But it did clear up my questions on what Tiger Lily had to do with the Black Fairy, so I guess that’s good.

Okay, pardon my rant because that really annoyed me but WE ARE SO CLOSE TO THE CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING!!! I’m so excited for this musical episode, it’s going to be epic. Hook asking Henry to be his best man was amazing. Operation Best Man! I love it!

Zelena got more screen time! I love that too! Her learning to drive was about the funniest shit ever. “The only thing I know how to drive is a broom.” Classic. I liked that she hit the Black Fairy, too. Impressive.

Okay, that’s all for now! Until the musical episode!

xx, Hannah

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