May the Forth Be With You


Greetings fellow droids, Wookiee’s, Jedi’s, smugglers, princesses, pilots, traitors, scavengers, ewoks, and various other space inhabitants. It’s Star Wars day!

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars series and have been since I was about 5 years old. I watched them all the time with my mom, who grew up when they hit theaters and went to see them about ten times. It came to a point where I had dreams about getting my hand chopped off by Darth Vader, but I didn’t want to stop watching them. I was that dedicated.

Luke, Leia, and Han

Han Solo/Harrison Ford was my first unofficial celebrity crush, followed closely by Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill. Then I saw Hayden Christensen/Anakin Skywalker in episodes II and III and damn, girl. He wasn’t the best actor, but little me didn’t even notice.

Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher was a role model for me growing up. She was sassy, strong, independent, but was still a princess, and I wanted to be just like her. It broke my heart when Carrie Fisher died, as she had a special place in my heart.

The droids are so likable and offer great comical moments. I loved R2D2 as a child, and C3PO has grown on me. Chewbacca is lovable as well (even if he kind of does look like a walking carpet).

Rey, Finn, and BB-8

I was skeptical about the new episodes, but The Forces Awakens really caught the atmosphere of Star Wars. There was plenty of witty humor and action sequences to revive new fans and draw new ones. I loved all of the new characters and they all had awesome on-screen chemistry. I’m glad they brought back a lot of the original characters in the new installments, too. Call be biased, but “Chewie, we’re home” has to be one of the greatest lines ever said in cinematic history. Impressive. Most impressive.

I can’t wait for The Last Jedi! I hope it’s good since we have to wait for two agonizing years. Rogue One was good, but it just didn’t cut it.

That’s my little appreciation post for the week. Maybe I’ll make them a regular thing. Hmmm…

May the force be with you. Always.


Hannah, Jedi Knight

Pictures are not mine.

12 thoughts on “May the Forth Be With You

  1. What a great Star Wars Day post!! 😀 (Even if I was late in stumbling across it. lol) I actually just popped over from Cheila’s blog party.
    I can’t wait for The Last Jedi to come out, either! The Force Awakens was so good. Hopefully that momentum continues into The Last Jedi. 🙂

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  2. Greetings, I too apologise for being late to this party but my protocol droid is in need of maintenance and has hasn’t been monitoring the WordPress reader! The great thing about the Star Wars universe (yes it is large) is that there is something for everyone to relate to. Oh and Lightsabers! And if you like those you may be interested in my little website (link below) where I design them, there is even a special Boston Basketball themed one that might catch your eye called “Boston Constitution”. I would be honoured if you would join me! Thanks for a great post!
    Kind regards,
    For Tyeth

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