Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – Musical Episode

Hi Oncers! I know this is late, don’t yell at me (not that I really have a blogging schedule but I like posting these on Mondays). I’ve had to collect my thoughts after this episode, along with Jennifer Morrison’s announcement.

If you missed last week’s post on The Black Fairy (episode 19), click here.

Spoilers for The Song in Your Heart (episode 20)!

At first, I thought what they meant by a “musical” episode that everyone would constantly break out in song, but no. I liked it better with the few musical numbers and regular talking as well.

Normally, people who are singing a song about how they are singing a song really bugs me. But Snow and David’s duet was adorable. And can we talk about his amazing entrance?? He really got into it. In another life, I could see him on Broadway.

Regina’s song was great and badass (as expected) and Zelena’s was damn funny. Hook’s was fun and very pirate-like. I had no idea everyone could sing so well and was pleasantly surprised (especially by Zelena and Snow). I thought this was going to be cringey, but while it was certainly corny, it was still enjoyable and fun.

On the subject of the storyline, Rumple is real annoying now. He used to be fun, but ever since he became the darkest dark one to ever dark he is just annoying. I did like his Enchanted Forest portrayal (“I don’t sing”) and it was nice to see that side again.

And oh my god, another curse!!! What will we do??? We’ve only had approximately 884023471 other curses on this show, but this particular one has never been seen in the magical world ever. Will we be transported to a new world? Will everyone lose their memories? How about an alternate universal? Will we go back in time? How about bringing out the worst in people? Yes to at least one of these, but this curse is original, I swear.

I hated how Emma wanted to face the battle alone. I knew where she was coming from, but that’s not how it works on this show, haven’t you learned that yet?? This is where the singing got a little corny, but it was so sweet to see everyone come together and the sentiment behind it. So cute.

But HOW DARE YOU, Black Fairy, make the curse happen on the day of the Captain Swan wedding! We’ve been waiting for this since season 2, goddammit. The nerve.

I’m so glad Emma did not wear Snow’s dress. Personally, I thought Snow’s dress was really ugly. The one Emma wore was beautiful! The wedding was beautiful! Hook’s tux was beautiful! Everything was beautiful! Their duet almost made me cry, tbh. They better get this curse resolved soon.

Now, when I saw Jennifer Morrison’s (Emma Swan Jones) announcement that she was leaving, it really confused me. First, the timing. All the fans were happy and elated from the musical episode, then BAM, she drops a bombshell like this. Second, I’ve never understood why actors leave regular gigs (especially if they are a main character). This is a steady job and I’m sure it pays fairly well, so why leave? I know there are underlying reasons, but still. She said that Emma has been one of her favorite characters to portray so again what??? Third, I really thought we’d at least get one season of married Captain Swan being all lovey dovey but nope, Emma is leaving and I am very sad. I wonder how they will write her into just the one episode she agreed to in season 7, or if this is a publicity thing, or whatever. Emma has been one of the very few main characters I’ve actually liked in a series (because let’s face it, they can get on your nerves).

Wishing for a good finale and for Jen to stay.

xx, Hannah


3 thoughts on “Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – Musical Episode

  1. I also enjoyed the musical. And yes, I also love the Queen’s song. It’s so bad ass and I love the choreography. The actor playing Hook is actually a singer. I also wrote sort of a review or a reaction to the episode.

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