Mom Appreciation Post

Happy mother’s day to old moms, new moms, almost-moms, wanna-be moms, fur moms, and surrogate moms! You’re all amazing because raising a something is a lot of work.

I don’t have many pictures of my mom since she’s the one normally taking them, but I thought I’d tell you some quick facts about her.

  1. She was born on Valentine’s Day.
  2. She didn’t have a pet until she married my dad (a cat named Mickey).
  3. She’s a die-hard Boston sports fan and absolutely loves Tom Brady.
  4. Elephants are her favorite animal.
  5. She has a degree in electrical engineering.

My mom has always been my role model, inspiration, and best friend. Her advice spans a large amount of topics, from boys to school to girl problems. It’s so good, even my friends will ask, “What would your mom do?” When it comes to me pursuing my dreams, she encourages me to keep going. She herself was doubted in her field, as she was the only girl in most of her college classes, but she proved them all wrong by getting her degree. She’s my shoulder to cry on, the firm hand to help me up, and the witty comment to make me laugh.

My aunt, me, my mom, and my sister at Disney World

She’s helped me grow into the person I am for these past 17 years, and I can’t wait for her to help me through life’s new adventures for many, many more.

xx, Hannah

Featured image is not mine.

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