Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – Season Finale

I had such low expectations for this episode and let me say, I was so surprised.

If you missed my post on last week’s musical episode, The Song in Your Heart (episode 20), click here.

Spoilers for The Final Battle: Parts 1 & 2 (episodes 21 and 22)!

I was really not excited for this episode because 1) the curse plot has been so overused and 2) Emma, Snow, David, Henry, Zelena, and Belle will not be on the next season. In turn, I actually enjoyed this episode a lot.

Henry hasn’t had much screentime this season and I was glad to see him again. Emma was in a much nicer mental hospital than Belle was during the curse, so I give The Black Fairy/Fiona brownie points for that. Henry trying to get Emma to believe became very dragged out but I was so nervous when the worlds started to disappear (the reappearance of Aladdin and Jasmine made me happy though!)

I LOVED Rumple’s character development throughout this episode, from pretending he wasn’t awake to killing the Black Fairy (thank you) to helping out Emma and Henry.

The first plot twist with Gideon fighting Emma was good, I’ll admit. The battle was intense but I knew they couldn’t kill Emma (though I was kind of worried). They blew the chance with a True Love’s Kiss between her and Hook, but I did like all of the paralleling to the first season.

Normally I find Snow’s hope speeches nauseating, but I liked this one about happy beginnings. It was all sweet and nice and adorable and made my heart melt. The ending montage was super sentimental and well-put together. It was so nice seeing everyone happy with their babies and family. I do like how Belle got her second chance with Rumple and Gideon, since I was always rooting for her.

But those last 30 seconds???? WHATTTT???? Until those, I didn’t even think I needed a 7th season but I do! I REALLY REALLY DO!!!! I normally don’t use this phrase but I am shook (sorry).

How was Henry in the Enchanted Forest? What “attacked” him and made him disappear? Why does he have a daughter? Who’s the mother? Why isn’t he in Storybrooke? Why doesn’t he remember her? Where is everyone else? Why’d he name his daughter Lucy? Why was Tiger Lily talking to her? Why did she have to guard the book with her life (it’s magic doesn’t it regenerate or whatever)? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Okay, I’m done. This concludes my Sunday Night TV series for now. Until next season!

xx, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Night TV: Once Upon a Time – Season Finale

    1. It’s about a woman who’s brought to a town full of fairytale characters like Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, Belle, Cinderella, Captain Hook, and many many others. It follows her adventures basically. It’s on Netflix, you should give it a try!

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  1. The finale for me was unexpected and I love it, but yes I’m terribly sadden that more than half of the characters are not returning to the new OUAT.

    I look forward to seeing the new season. I like Lucy, she seems charming.

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