Dad Appreciation Post

Happy father’s day to new dads, old dads, step dads, surrogate dads, almost dads, and fur dads! You’re all wonderful beings.

Like my Mother’s Day post, I thought I would share some facts about my dad.

  1. He loves to fish, hunt, and listen to country music.
  2. His birthday is five days before mine (Nov. 2)
  3. When he graduated high school, he had no idea what he wanted to do so he got a business degree and became a store manager of J.C. Penney. He then decided at 25 years old that he wanted to be a veterinarian (and so he did)!
  4. He’s a hell of a story teller and can make your ribs hurt from laughter.
  5. He and I will quote movies back and forth ALL OF THE TIME.

My dad has been a role model and my comic relief for quite some time. He’s a hell of a storyteller, and the stories of his “adventures” are quite entertaining. He knows just the right way to tell them so that way your ribs hurt from laughing so hard. I share his witty, sarcastic, and grandiose sense of humor. He’s one of the most intelligent people I know (if not, the most intelligent) and likes to share his advice and thoughts on life. While long-winded sometimes, it’s quite interesting! He’s always had an unwavering faith in me which really helps me push to do my best.

Me and my dad at Disney World, 2014

I guess I’ll always be my dad’s little girl.

xx, Hannah


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