Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom | A Day in a US Theme Park

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Tired, sunburned, and broke, but still had fun.

My friend and I spent from around 10 this morning to around 6:30 this evening. Here was our itinerary:

  • Meteor – a ride where you are sitting with your feet hanging and you are spun around in a vertical circle connected to an arm; good way to start the day
  • DominatorΒ – a ride where you are sitting with your feet hanging and you are either shot up a large pole or are dropped from it; love these rides where you drop
  • Steel ForceΒ – a classic steel roller coaster; so much wind
  • PossessedΒ – a dueling tower coaster; this was definitely my favorite from the day
  • Demon Drop – elevator-styled drop ride with a freefall feeling then ends with a curve where you end on your back
  • Snack break – tried Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabfries which were SO GOOD with some water
  • Hydra – only floorless roller coaster in Pennsylvania; very smooth and fun
  • Tilt-a-Whirl – a revolving platform with “cars” that pivot; a classic
  • Thunder Creek Mountain – a water flume ride; we got even more wet than we thought originally
  • Talon – inverted, ski-lift style seat roller coaster; fun roller coaster with great views
  • Wave Swinger – a system of swings that also move up and down; another classic
  • After deciding to head to the waterpark, we changed into our swimsuits.
  • Wildwater River – a “lazy” river with waterfalls and sprayers; we had to dodge all of the sprayers because those things beat on you
  • Boa Blasters – tube slides with twists, turns, and tunnels; there were lights in the tunnels which was cool but I got the WORST wedgie
  • Aquablast – a curvy, steep water raft ride; you could feel the segments hitting your butt as you went over them
  • Drink break – I got a Rita’s Misto (strawberry colada) while my friend got a milkshake
  • Lightning Falls – more tube slides that was mostly open; this one was fun until I completely WIPED OUT once I hit the pool at the end, flipping over while my friend was too busy laughing at me
  • Runaway River – a longer lazy river; this one was much more relaxing
  • We were decided to change back into our clothes to see if we missed anything we wanted to go on.
  • Enterprise – a rapidly spinning ride that lifts up; this was a favorite of mine as well
  • Monster – spin on a “tentacle” in three different rotations; this one was long
  • Cirque Imagine – a 30 minute show with various acrobatic acts


  • Dinner – pulled pork and macaroni and cheese at the Smokehouse BBQ
  • Shopping – we had coupon books so I got cotton candy, fudge, and a t-shirt
  • Games – we had $25 worth in game vouchers so we went to a Break-a-Plate game where you threw a softball at plates to win a prize, and I won this little guy


So that was my day! I’m not sure I would go back, as there’s a similar park very close to my house that I work at with similar rides. It was fun and we never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a ride. If you’re visiting somewhere around Allentown, PA, definitely check out Dorney Park!

Thanks for reading!

xx, Hannah

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