Drive-In Movies | Summer Bucket List Challenge



My family and I went to one of the only drive-ins left in our area, which was about 40 minutes away. If you’ve never heard of a drive-in, it’s where people take their cars and park to watch a movie on a huge screen. You bring lawn chairs, blankets, sweatshirts, coolers, snacks, the works. Some people go all out and even bring pillows, mattresses, and cots. The admission was more than reasonable to see two movies compared to regular movie theaters.

The first movie was Despicable Me 3. It started around 9:00PM (when the sun finally set). I had super low expectations, since normally the quality goes down as the sequel number goes up. I was pleasantly surprised with how cute it was. I recommend it!

There was an intermission then Spider-Man: Homecoming started around 11:00PM. This was my second time seeing it and I still loved it! Tom Holland is the best and it wasn’t overly violent (like how a lot of superhero movies can be). It was cute and my whole family enjoyed it.

It brought back a lot of nostalgia from my early childhood when we would go just about every few weeks. The experience is great for family and friends, even a cute date idea.

Have you ever been to the drive-in?

xx, Hannah


9 thoughts on “Drive-In Movies | Summer Bucket List Challenge

  1. I absolutely adore going to the drive-in, it is so much fun. You can wear whatever you want, bring whatever and how ever much food that you want AND the pricing is worth it because you get to have a double feature. I really would love to go to one again, maybe for an upcoming birthday but they really are just not that accessible where I live but at least, there is one!

    ~ Bree

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      1. Agreed! Though I must say, I have recently come across Drive-In’s that don’t allow outside food or drink. While I understand why, it’s not realistic because it’s not like they can search people’s car!

        ~ Bree

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      2. Yes, it’s so strange! A concession stand is probably where they make most of their money but still. We followed the rules and didn’t bring a cooler, only to find that a bunch of people did anyway.

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