Sunday Night TV: Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere


Okay, deep breaths. It’s been a long year; I’ve been having GoT withdrawl.

Spoilers through Dragonstone (episode 1)!

When they showed Walder Frey at first, I thought flashback but when the girls brought out the wine I was like Arya!!! My suspicions were confirmed when the wife was told not to drink. THAT WAS THE BEST OPENING EVER!!! Nothing like murdering a whole house to really kick off a season. Our little Arya has grown up to be a cold-blooded killer, and I couldn’t be happier.

I have no doubt Bran’s storyline is important, but in these last few seasons it’s been so boring. I’m glad he’s finally on the other side of the wall now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jon, but he can be incredibly naïve when it comes to people. He was being stupid with the Battle of the Bastards and it was luck that Sansa was able to get the Knights of the Vale to save them. Sansa is right, he does need to listen to her. Back when they were discussing their battle strategy, she predicted everything that happened and Jon didn’t listen to her. If I were her, I’d be extremely frustrated with him too because she lived with Ramsey and knows Cersei, and he’s not taking her advice. I understand what Jon is saying about how the Whitewalkers are a more pressing threat, but damn. Straighten that shit out.

I still love Lady Mormont. You tell those stupid men girls can fight! Do put up with their shit! Drag ’em!

Cersei is officially scaring me (Jamie, too). Saying how your last living child was a traitor for killing himself after you blew up his wife? That’s some cold shit. She’s digging herself in a hole though: no allies, no heirs, no grip on reality. It’s just a matter of time before she goes down the point of no return where she won’t even have Jamie (if she hasn’t already).

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Euron threw some serious shade at Jamie and it was GREAT. “…and two hands…” Wonderful! I was surprised when she turned him down, since Jamie and her were just talking about needing allies. Althought, he isn’t trustworthy, so I understand. But what is his surprise? Answers: I need them.

Poor Sam. That’s all of the chamber pots I’ve ever needed to see in a lifetime. I think he’ll be important on the dragonglass front. I think dragonglass will also be important in Jorah’s cure because a Reddit user saw in Sam’s book that dragonglass could cure illness and disease. It makes sense because Shireen had the same disease as Jorah and where did she grow up? On top of a freakin’ mountain of dragonglass.

I 100% ship Brienne and Tormund. Please let it happen.

When I heard the singing, I thought, “Hey, that sounds like Ed Sheeran” and lo and behold, it was! I thought something bad was going to happen to Arya and she’d have to kill them, but nope. They were nice, which was even more surprising at this point on the show. It’s ironic that they laughed at her, since she just took out an entire house without a second thought.

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I want the Hound to reunite with Sansa and Arya. I just want to see how it’ll play out. Also, the Hound knows how Baelish betrayed Ned Stark, so that would be an interesting turn of events if Sansa/Arya/Jon found out.

Dany has landed! I love how that scene was shot, because it didn’t need words. Dany was taking it all in (frankly, so was I). I’m excited to hear her plans for taking over Westeros, but she doesn’t seem to know about that very pale, cold enemy far in the north.

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Woo! That was a long one. I can’t wait for the next one!

What did you think of Dragonstone?

xx, Hannah


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