Sunday Night TV – Game of Thrones 7.02

I wasn’t expecting much to happen in this episode but DAMN I WAS WRONG.

Spoilers up through Stormborn (season seven, episode two)!

When Dany challenged Varys, I was very surprised. Totally called for and understandable, but it took me aback. Varys, I think, is definitely genuine and Dany seems to like his answer. He held his own.

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Melisandre showed up and I was like, “What’s this bitch want now?” but I soon realized that Dany doesn’t know about Jon Snow. An alliance between them would be mutually beneficial, since Jon needs Dragonstone and Dany needs northern allies. Also, he needs to tell her about the damn White Walkers and Night King ’cause that’s some scary shit.

I wonder what will come of Lord Tarly being a Tyrell bannerman. Will he end up fighting with Dany? Maybe. Will it get him killed? Probably. Or will he move his allegiance to the Lannisters? Who knows.

Jorah needs to get his scaly ass to Dragonstone, pronto. I like how Sam wants to help him and he’s so close to figuring it out. Maybe whatever he’s treating the current infected areas with will give him more time? It’s disgusting, nevertheless, especially that totally unnecessary scene switch to the pot pie.

I DON’T WANT THE DRAGONS TO DIE!!! I know at least one will probably die in the battles, but UGH. Qyburn needs to stop showing Cersei large weapons of destruction and giving her ideas.

I like Tyrion’s battle plan. It’s a good plan, as long as everything goes the way it’s supposed to. I also like Olenna’s advice to Dany: Be a dragon. That’s my new life motto.

Missandei and Grey Worm are so precious. That scene was so adorable and we’ve certainly waited long enough for it. I feel like now that one or both of them are going to die, but at least we got that scene.

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I forgot that Arya didn’t know Jon was King in the North. When Hot Pie told her, the look on her face said it all. She was going home. I missed Hot Pie, too. And Nymeria is alive! Yay! But she didn’t go with her? I hope there’s something else that will happen with the wolf pack since I don’t think they’d waste all of that CGI on just realizing Nymeria is still alive.

I understand Sansa’s position on letting Jon go, but both Dany and Jon have something each other need. It’s the right decision to go; the last thing they need is more enemies. Sansa’s in charge for now, which seemed to chill her out (and make Petyr very happy). I’m surprised Petyr would admit he loves Sansa to Jon right now, but realized he was probably looking for a “thanks for saving my life, take my sister” thing. But Jon choked him instead (with one hand). Amazing.

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Lastly, FUCKING EURON. I WANT HIM TO GO AWAY. I wasn’t expecting him to attack at that moment but there he was, slaughtering and burning Yara Greyjoy’s whole fleet. I liked watching the Sand Snakes and was sad when the two daughters died. Now the other daughter and Ellaria are as good as dead, since there’s no doubt in my mind that Ellaria is the gift Euron promised. I was afraid Yara was going to die, too but Euron ended up taking her as well. BUT THEON, I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU AND YOU JUMPED SHIP??? Not cool (yes I know Ramsay broke him and he has PTSD and yada yada yada but in Game of Thrones they don’t give a shit either way). I hope he comes up with some sort of plan to save her in an effort to redeem himself. I’d be surprised, though, if the Greyjoys made it through season seven alive.

What did you think of Stormborn?

xx, Hannah

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Night TV – Game of Thrones 7.02

  1. I want Euron to go away too! God knows how Dany will handle this challenge. They have lost Dorne for now and the Greyjoys are not coming back 😦 I love love love Arya too, sad that she will miss seeing Jon once again 😢 but let’s just hope we can satisfy ourselves with the Sansa-Arya reunion at least!

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