2019 Goals: A Clean Slate

I’m going to 100% honest with you guys: I’m SO glad 2018 is over.

While many good things happened last year (see Best of 2018 and what I got for Christmas) there were many not so good things, too. It’s been a struggle from beginning to end, battling for my mental health. I think that’s part of the reason why I stopped blogging for such a long time.

I was constantly riddled with stress, anxiety, and utter exhaustion. It really sucked. I thought that I could ride it out, but it got worse once I started college. Whatever I tried to do to help didn’t work. I was not only isolated and alone, but losing hope of ever getting to be myself again. I just wanted one day where I felt normal. It felt like I was drowning since I didn’t even know how to tell someone what was happening. Clearly it was all in my head, I thought, No one would understand.

As it turns out, I was wrong.

I finally told my parents what was going on. I got help. I was told that I was anemic (have low iron), which wasn’t necessarily the sole cause of my ailments but certainly did not help. I’ve realized much of my other mental symptoms were valid and very real.

Now, I know it’s not all in my head. I feel a reinvigorated sense of control over my own life again. It’s not that the symptoms have stopped completely, but rather that I know what they are, what I can do to prevent them, and how do deal with them without letting them run my life.

This year is going to be about me getting better. This year is about hope, and these goals are going to help me get there. I’m wiping the slate clean and starting over.

#1: Practice self-care

I’ve really neglected myself for a long time, and that ends now. I need to put my mental health needs before anything else. I’m optimistic about this because I have some ideas on what to do. I’ll keep you guys updated on how they work!

#2: Incorporate more iron-rich foods in my diet

My college diet has consisted of fast food and microwave meals, so that needs to change in order to keep my iron levels up and my anemia symptoms at bay.

#3: Be creative

I’ve let my creative pursuits such as sketching, painting, and coloring fall by the wayside. I want to be able to find time to create art and blow off some steam when I need to.

#4: Take really good notes

I looked back on some of my notes from the past semester and it’s a wonder I learned anything. I follow a bunch of studygrams, so hopefully that’ll get me motivated to take better notes with some organization behind them.

#5: Stay active on WordPress

While I won’t hold myself to post all the time, I would like to be on here to see what everyone is up to. I do, however, like being able to go through old posts and see what I was up to, so I want to post as often as possible without overdoing it.

#6: Try a lot of new things

I’m in college now! College is about trying new things! I need to say “yes” more often! Let’s go!

#7: Make new friends

Again, I’m in college where I’m around people in my age group all the time. I need to start talking to more people, which has been a struggle as of late. I also want to get to know some of you! Internet friends are real friends, too!

Whew! I’m ready. Bring it on, 2019 (but, like, don’t take it too far).

What are your goals for 2019?

xx, Hannah

Featured image is not mine.

4 thoughts on “2019 Goals: A Clean Slate

  1. Lee says:

    I went through a very similar experience finding out I’m anemic and have vitamin D and iron deficiency. A lot stress and anxiety definitely didn’t help, even lost a lot of weight. I plan to work on self care more this year than ever. I hope your year is amazing and full of blessings!

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