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I’m Hannah. Not Hanna, Anna, or Hannha (but good try, Starbucks barista). No, I do not like bananas, so don’t even bother, and my name isn’t spelled Hananah, either.

Anyway, I have this overwhelming urge to travel the world and do great things, but I have about $10.23 in my wallet and my mom still won’t let me out past 11, so here I am, just another internet nerd destined for greatness but first must remove herself from her permanent spot on the couch.

In the meantime, I hope to graduate from college with my will to live in tact and not have any outstanding arrest warrants. So far, I’m doing good on both of those fronts but I’ll revisit that during finals week.

This blog is my life learning experience, so I can look back a few years from now and see what it was like in my young adulthood. Whether it be my traveling adventures, school advice, beauty hauls, TV show discussions, or any other life happenings I want to write about, I hope you’ll stick around for more.

But sometimes I may or may not get too attached to fictional characters, so be warned.

Feel free to comment on any post or page (including this one!) or email me anytime at

Thanks for sticking around!


Hannah – Sassy Girl’s Journey





6 thoughts on “About

  1. kheprisilvanis says:

    If you wanna know my Rules for Teenage Girls (there are only 3…maybe 4) or wanna learn how to travel for any amount of money (yes, you can have the best time of your life for $10.23) I’ll be around to share. In the meantime, stay sarcastic and don’t worry about finals. Spoiler alert: school is for the birds.

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      1. kheprisilvanis says:

        You seem pretty smart, so what I say may just be a no brainer, but here’s what I think: 1) No babies before 25 (this can vary by a year or so depending on the girl and her relationship. The real thing here is committed relationships are not a “maybe so, maybe not,” factor in reproducing. Too many broken little kids know this.) 2) No older guys. Yes, you’re mature. Yeah, guys your age probably aren’t, but older dudes are creepers. Always. They just think your lady bits are the fountain of youth. 3) No tweakers. Ever. No, “Everyone has something to offer.” Tweakers don’t. A crackhead might still be funny (but watch your valuables), pot heads are pretty much harmless and even junkies lack general motivation to ruin your life, but tweakers are the scum of the earth. That about covers it. And of course, all the value your body/don’t let just anyone into the temple thing. Too many girls think being a big kid means lots of sex. In 10 years everyone will see on that girl’s face just how used up she became.
        As far as travel, there’s a whole network of people living in vehicles, riding trains, hitch hiking and the biggest secret is: it’s so much easier than anyone realizes. The hang up for most is the need to denounce material things. It was wicked hard for me, but my family moved into a bus and I’m way happier climbing mountains and traipsing through the forest than my dvd collection or 26 pairs of shoes ever made me!
        Bon voyage! I hope the world really is your oyster!

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      2. Hannah says:

        This is awesome! Thank you! I’m not even sure if I want children and relationships with like 40 year age gaps kind of gross me out, especially if the older one is just using the younger one. I don’t socialize with tweakers, and don’t plan on it anytime soon. I’ll definitely have to look into travelling options like those and giving up some material items to save. Thank you again for spending the time to write this to me, best wishes to you and your future endeavors! 😊❤

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