Hot Topic + American Eagle Haul

Hello!! I’ve finally gotten around to doing this, since I bought these things a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, I wanted to share what I got at Hot Topic and American Eagle. Both were having their Memorial Day sales and I had a Hot Topic coupon, so I went ahead and ordered!

Hot Topic is an American chain store that sells a wide range of items from clothes to jewelry to Funko figures to home decor. Their merchandise is mostly based in pop culture like bands, movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games. It looks kind of scary and goth inside, but you soon see that any place that sells Harry Potter and Disney themed merchandise isn’t all that scary.

American Eagle Outfitters, or American Eagle, is another American chain store which is more of a bohemian brand that mainly sells jeans and basic tees, as well as other types of tops and shorts. They sell sandals and accessories, like any other juniors store at the mall.


Disney Aladdin A Whole New World Girls Dolman Sleeve Top


Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie and they have finally updated their selection so I had to pick this up!

Disney Aladdin Ecstatic Jafar Girls Raglan


Another Aladdin edition!

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Girls T-Shirt


Of course I got this after I had seen the Beauty and the Beast in the theater, but it was pretty and simple. The words on the inside are the intro narration of the movie.

Harry Potter Snape Always Girls T-Shirt


I love Alan Rickman and his portrayal of Snape (whose character’s “redemption” seems to be a controversial topic in the Harry Potter fandom), and this “Always” scene in the movies/books was one of my favorite parts.

The Secret Life of Pets Napping Girls Tee


Chloe is my favorite and this t-shirt was right up my alley.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings T-Shirt

Ever since I’ve starting watching the series, I’ve wanted a wings shirt and my time has finally come!



AEO Twill X Midi Short in “Beechwood Khaki” – $39.95
AEO Twill X Midi Short in “Black” – $39.95
AEO Twill X Midi Short in “Smoked Gray” – $39.95
AEO Twill X Midi Short in “Summer Burgundy” – $39.95
AEO Twill X Midi Short in “Mint” – $39.95

I really needed shorts, in case you couldn’t tell. These are comfortable and have minimum thigh-chafing while still being cute.


I needed earrings as well and thought both of these packs were adorable. You can get the pack on the left here for $19.50.

That’s all for now!

xx, Hannah

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